Integrative Brain Health

Brain Pathways (neuro-integration)

Neuro-Integration is a process of monitoring and correcting disrupted brain wave patterns.  Through the sessions, with repetition and time, the brain retrains itself improving mental and emotional performance, in much the same way as weight-training improves physical performance.

Twice weekly sessions are 30-60 minutes in a relaxed setting. The required number of sessions may be determined after the first 10 sessions.

brain "chemistry"

Brain hormones (neurotransmitters, a.k.a "brain chemistry") orchestrate thoughts, emotions, and other essential functions including appetite, memory, sleep, energy and immune response. 

Our nutritional program balances neurotransmitters to improve mood disorders, restless leg syndrome, Parkinson's disease, and memory, for example.  

CMB Health Specialties is the only site offering this knowledgeable combination of Neuro-Integration and neurotransmitter balancing in the United States.

General health is important as brain health can be a reflection of physical health!