Achieve and Maintain a Healthy Weight

Why is our program better?

CMB Health Specialties uses health-based integrative medicine to provide our patients with the tools needed to achieve and maintain a healthy weight for a lifetime. Our unique program will eliminate food cravings, reshape the body, increase energy, burn fat deposits in teh problem areas and help keep the excess weight off by teaching healthier habits and make you healthier in general!

Our program is a unique method that specifically addresses individual allergies, preferences, and lifestyle needs unlike the commercial weight loss "one size fits all" plans and pills.  The idea is simple: the results are impressive.

Best results occur when the motivation for weight loss is to improve overall health.

The 4 Steps

General health work-up

Receive extensive testing to determine the causes of our weight difficulties including hormones, intestinal health and poor eating choices.


Eliminate toxins to achieve an optimal outcome and kick start weight loss.

lower calorie diet

A program that provides guidance in fueling your body with what it needs. You will receive 11-14 grams of protein, 25 vitamins and minerals, and probiotics with every meal.

Resetting the metabolism

Reintroduce foods to your diet while correcting hormone imbalances and resetting the metabolism.

Ready to get healthy for good?