integrative healthcare

CMB Health Specialties is a unique private healthcare specialty focused on the integration of conventional, alternative and restorative medicine.  This integrative healthcare is a powerful combination of conventional medicine and evidence-based alternative health care.

better health now and for the future

For individuals who are already ill, our goal is to unravel adverse health conditions and help attain a healthy, viable life.  For example, we discover the underlying conditions by methodically searching for malfunctions.  To quote one of Dr. Brown's mentors, "you can't find a cure if you don't know the cause." In many cases, we intervene before lasting debility occurs.  We work with patients in all stages of illness.

CMB Health Specialties was designed for the individual whose goal is to improve health and to live well with health independence.

our patients

Many of our patients, while well-versed in alternative therapies, need the help of a physician to create the right plan for their best health.  Some are seeking a second opinion.  Others have spent years in the healthcare system without satisfactory improvement.  Yet others have encountered a condition for which there is little help available.  Many times help is available using less common, but widely accepted and researched interventions.