Carol M. Brown, DO, PhD, FAARfm


  • Medical Degree (DO) - 1976

  • Board Certified Emergency Medicine

  • Doctor of Integrative Medicine

  • Board Certified Anti-Aging Medicine

  • Fellowships: Integrative Brain Health, Integrative Cardiology, and Integrative Cancer Therapies

  • Clinical professorships: Marquette University, UW Milwaukee, and Carroll University in Wisconsin and Midwestern University in Downers Grove, Illinois.

Clinical Expertise:

  • 20 years in emergency medicine, where accuracy counts

  • Operation of a successful family practice, where compassion counts

  • Diligent diagnostician

  • Works in tandem with patients and their other physicians to achieve their optimal outcomes

  • Passion is for difficult medical conditions, providing patients with help and hope

  • Interventions are thoughtful, safe, effective and life enhancing; most are easy to achieve

In 2003, she experienced an epiphany which changed her life, and the course of her practice.  Since then, she has poured her life into the study and practice of science-based integrative medicine.

She believes healing is truly possible through using the best parts of all health disciplines.