Nutritional Support

Supplemental Oral Nutrition

The majority of us do not achieve adequate nutrition with our standard American diets to attain and maintain good health. It is well known that many illnesses are due to inadequate nutrition. 

CMB Health Specialties carries organic, non-GMO products meeting the newest GMP requirements established by the FDA. Each company and its products have been hand-selected by Dr. Brown as the quality of supplemental nutrition is critically important.  The product must be free from dyes and additives to avoid allergens and unwanted effects. Each supplement is researched for efficacy. All but one of our products is gluten free.

She selects nutritional supplements from various professional, high quality companies understanding that no one company has the best of everything. 

We are aware that without direction, some patients are taking supplements that cross-react, duplicate the mechanism of action, and may not be correct for the situation. It usually is not appropriate to rely on advertising or a salesman to select supplementation. Dr. Brown chooses quality nutritional supplementation specifically for each patient based on his/her lab findings.

Supplemental IV Nutrition

IV therapies can improve chronic conditions and are useful pre- and post-operatively. They reverse dehydration, detoxify, help with pain, and alleviate the malnutrition of cancer. Some of our patients request them as a boost before travel and stressful situations.

Illness and injury deplete vital nutrients. The intestines can only absorb 10-20% of oral nutrients but IV Therapies deliver the nutrients directly to the tissue. (Remember, the intestine itself needs nutrients to function properly.)

We offer standard integrative nutritional IVs such as Myers Cocktail, IV Vitamin C, Hydration and EDTA Chelation.

Additionally, we offer many supportive specialty IVs for infections, colds and flu, Lyme and co-infections, auto-immunity, stealth viruses, mal-absorption syndromes, visual deterioration, cardiomyopathy, heart disease, cancer, stroke, etc.