Welcome to CMB Health Specialties

CMB Health Specialties was created for the individual whose goal is to live well and with health independence. We provide integrative healthcare that accesses the world's knowledge for the benefit of our patients. Many of our patients have spent years of following mainstream medicine without finding the specific help they desire... Others, while versed in alternative therapies and supplemental nutrition, needed a physician to create the right plan for their optimal health.

We offer you the best - an outstanding combination of evidence-based alternative health and mainstream medicine, which remarkably impacts your treatment options.

American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine Association of American Physicians and Surgeons International College of Integrative Medicine American College for Advancement in Medicine

Carol M. Brown, DO, PhD, FAARFM

  • Board certified by American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine
  • Doctor of Integrative Medicine
  • Fellowships: Integrative Cancer Therapies and (Life-long) Brain Health